Alive Class Project reaches municipal schools

Started at the beginning of last year, the project Alive Class that was serving private school students and some colleges, now comes to public schools. Salvador Bus are those Londoner styled buses that take tourists for rides around the city and that also turned into a classroom with this project of brothers Luke and Philip Benzota.

The City Department of Education also decided to deploy the Live Classroom Project and now, even though at the end of the year, decided to reward students from various schools of the city, especially those located in the periphery.

During the trip the crew provides rich information about the places seen, connecting what students have learned at school about city history with the real world, always enjoying a wonderful view inside our double deck panoramic buses. The Alive Class Project is a priority for the Salvador Bus team because it gives students the opportunity to learn details of the first capital of Brazil and to absorb a little of the whole context, especially among the XV and XVI centuries, while walking the city streets, said Lucas Benzota, director of the Salvador Bus.

This contract with the City Department of Education Culture and Sports will benefit 200 students per day. Two buses will make trips departing from Barra Lighthouse to the Historical Downtown and from the Modelo Market to Bonfim Church and Ribeira.

Among the benefited schools are: Gilberto Pires, Nova Sussuarana, Olga Figueiredo, Municipal de Paripe, São João Batista, Teodoro Sampaio, Cajazeira XI, Tenente Almir, André Rebouças, Primeiro de Maio, Alexandrina Pita, Nossa Senhora Salette and others. Before the holidays students will learn more the social contrasts of our city. The project will continue in 2010.

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