Salvador Bus becomes a classroom in sightseeing tour through the city

That londoner styled sightseeing bus you see travelling across the city became a classroom. Businessman Lucas Bonzota said that Alive Class Project has become a huge success and many schools have sought Filuca, the company behind Salvador Bus, in order to book a trip for their students.

Alive Class is a Project in which the school hires a service and Salvador Bus provides everything to take the pupils through many important sights across the city in their panoramic buses. The routes are customized to fit the needs of every school, but they generally include Campo Grande, Barra Lighthouse, Vitória Plaza, Sete Ave., Castro Alves Square, Municipal Square, Modelo Market, Sister Dulce Hospital, Calçada, Bonfim Church and Ribeira. Other options might include Orla, Tororó Dyke, Shopping Mall, etc.

Some of the participant schools this month are Pingo de Gente, Marista, Integral and Isba. Our buses have two floors and almost five meters tall. Besides teachers, students also counts on tourist guides, sound and DVD services. During the trip the crew provides rich information about the places seen, connecting what students have learned at school about city history with the real world, always enjoying a wonderful view inside our double deck panoramic buses.

Now it’s easier to find Salvador Bus: Central do Carnaval stores in all shopping malls and airports are selling tickets for many different routes. According to the businessman Felipe Benzota, a partnership with Central do Carnaval was stablished by Joaquim Nery and Geraldo Albuquerque, managers of Central, giving tourists the possibility to buy a souvenir of our Carnaval, CDs of Bahia musicians, parties entrances and more when acquiring their tickets for Salvador Bus.

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