The Salvador Bus

Regular sightseeing bus follows the same model of Madrid, Lisbon, Tokyo, Paris and New York, starts operation in Bahia

Salvador Bahia Bus is the first service to adopt the regular sightseeing model in Brazil. This kind of city tour is used all over the streets of Europe, USA and Asia. In Brazil, they started in Salvador, during summer of 2007/2008.

The service counts with six double decked vehicles, equiped with sound system and bilingual translation, bilingual tourist guides and drivers. The inferior floor is climatized and the superior is roofless, to improve the panoramic view of the tourist attractions. Even in rainy days, the comfort is assured by a mobile cowling available at the superior floor.

These vehicles use biodiesel, are controlled by satellite and equipped with many security cameras. There are several embarkation points along the route, providing more flexibility to the vehicles schedule. Thus, tourists can disembark at any spot and then get back to the route with the next Salvador Bahia Bus.

Through a single Daily Ticket (wristband ticket), the tourist will be able to visit the main tourist attractions in Salvador: beaches, forts, museums, historic sites, and all different aspects that highlight our city. There is also a night tour (upon request) that shows the beauty of both high and low cities with an interval to contemplate the Baía de Todos os Santos.

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